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The Farm

RAGUSA Company is specialized in production and sale of fresh vegetables cultivated in greenhouses. The Company is placed in Santa Croce Camerina – Ragusa – in the South-East of Sicily, in a traditional agricultural area, where ground physical and chemical characteristics and good weather conditions make an high quality and fresh products.

The Company was born in 1964 in a little plot of land where Mr. Ragusa Senzio starts this hard work. Agricultural culture handed down from one generation to another and now the Company is managed by his grandson Mr. Ragusa Senzio, third generation. The Company is 25 hectars, with about 100.000 smq of iron greenhouses and Global Gap certification.

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GLOBAL GAP certification

Global Gap protocol defines the correct agricultural practices (G.A.P. > Good Agricultural Practice) to develop the essential elements best practice for agricultural companies and farms.

The Eurep (Euro-Retailer Produce Working Group) created this protocol and link some of the most important European commercial chains, in order to meet safe foodstuffs and environment defence increasing demands.

Aphorism on Cultivating

“A mind without instruction can no more bear fruit than can a field, however fertile, without cultivation.”


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